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This is week two, three, I don’t even know... of the COVID-Quarantine. This week was probably the hardest. My family lost a close member this week. Someone who’s literally been our rock since I could remember. To me, he was a good example of a Good Samaritan. Unfortunately, God saw it fit to take him away amidst the pandemic. The harsh part about it is, there are no final goodbyes, no farewells, nothing.

 My mind has been a battleground of various negative thoughts; from death to failing my classes this semester. I somehow allowed the devil to take control of my thoughts. As I was taught, I allowed my emotions to take their course. I thought about every negative thing that could happen or has happened. This led me to give God praise that the majority hasn’t happened as yet. It allowed me to see possibilities and encouraged me to take the opportunity to make things better, whether it be my schoolwork or my relationships with others. 


I’ve also used this extra time to get in tune with what God has been trying to show me. I’ve shifted my focus to see the bigger picture. I have my moments where I literally go crazy because my thoughts are screaming at high volumes but I’ve silenced them with the promises God has given me prior to the lockdown. God fails not to use the AYM online services of many different churches to remind me of my purpose and tasks for this year. It’s not easy, but anytime you agree to follow God, the journey will be difficult and uncomfortable. It still has to get done... even while in quarantine.

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