Andrew George

As an athletic and social individual, it's hard to stay in the house and do the same things practically every day. For instance, doing online classes, scrolling through social media, etc. For a person who loved going outside and being productive, it has been hard to transition to commit. Although practices for track grew tiresome from time to time, I do miss doing resistance training and running intervals for two hours out of the day Monday through Thursday.  Also, just waking up and commuting 2 hours to campus to face my colleagues and enjoy a good laugh.  

Christiane Campbell

Most instances we go to our beds at night and expect tomorrow to be just like our everyday routine. Even when we hear about a crisis going on in another part of the world, we don’t expect it to hit our country hard, let alone our personal world. In late 2019, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) originated in and started to plague China.


Chardell Park

This is week two, three, I don’t even know... of the COVID-Quarantine. This week was probably the hardest. My family lost a close member this week. Someone who’s literally been our rock since I could remember. To me, he was a good example of a Good Samaritan. Unfortunately, God saw it fit to take him away amidst the pandemic. The harsh part about it is, there are no final goodbyes, no farewells, nothing.

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Yanique Thomas


What Quarantine is like for someone with Anxiety?

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has literally shaken up the entire world. Upon the initial introduction of the virus to the world, many failed to take it serious. I first heard of the virus back in January 2020 from a friend. I immediately googled it and soon learned that this pandemic was quickly spreading in China. Shortly after, I started seeing more and more memes and videos on social media directed around COVID-19; although funny at the time, we were all unaware of the severity of this virus and of how soon we too, would be affected. Due to my severe anxiety, I’ve been limiting my access to news platforms and social media in order to keep my anxiety under control.  



Dineisha Raguette 


As an anti-social individual, you might think that I would enjoy this time being cooped up at home since I don’t have to interact with people and things of that sort. Well, whoever is thinking that you are COMPLETELY WRONG. I am what you call an ambivert, a solid mixture of introvert and extrovert characteristics. I prefer staying home and being to myself, yet I sing in front of large crowds and can speak in front of large crowds. However, in a time like this, my social drive is at an all-time high because I miss my life. I miss church, school, work, and my friends. 


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