Andrew George

As an athletic and social individual, it's hard to stay in the house and do the same things practically every day. For instance, doing online classes, scrolling through social media, etc. For a person who loved going outside and being productive, it has been hard to transition to commit. Although practices for track grew tiresome from time to time, I do miss doing resistance training and running intervals for two hours out of the day Monday through Thursday.  Also, just waking up and commuting 2 hours to campus to face my colleagues and enjoy a good laugh.  


The world, as we know, it is suffering from a lethal virus called the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.  It is a global pandemic that has hit the city where I live in New York City. Every day more than 100 people have lost their life due to the coronavirus, and the numbers continue to grow externally. The figures have grown exponentially that schools, churches, and many competitive athletics have suspended until the pandemic is over.  Also, advising everyone to remain home and continue to stay calm while the situation is handled.  


As a young adult who grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist environment, it a weird transition from going to church, whether it was to minister or sit in the audience and receive a blessing.  With the global pandemic going about, all churches can't even come together as a family to gather in worship and fellowship. Although there are many online alternatives, like zoom, and facetime, it just isn't enough. The physical worship sensation feels much better, just being in the physical environment with God, where my friends and I can minister, worship, and sing our hearts out cant substitute by an online platform.  What I've been doing this week is part taking in some bible plans on the bible app to have some devotional to read, also watch artist minister with their melody of songs that they have created. 

Even though it feels like my life is turning upside down, being inside has undoubtedly given me time to work on some goals that I have for myself. Also, giving me as much time as I need to spend to know God for who he is and his plan for my life.  Also, allowing me more time to read and research things that will help me grow physically and finically. Such as learning new bodyweight workouts that I can perform at home to stay in shape and also learning about new methods to save money and budget.  


My advice is to appreciate this break and concentrate on yourself. Your physial, mental, and spiritual health are essential to remain sane in this time that we are living. Research hobbies, find some books to read for enlightenment, and look up ways to stay in shape at home without gym equipment. 


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