Our History

Our History is very important. It shows where we are coming from as a church to where we are today and what we expect in the future. Read our World Church History, then read about our Local Church History.


 In November 1975 Sis. Beulah Patterson was doing house to house work as a part-time literature evangelist, when a voice said to her, "Go and start a Branch Sabbath School." She responded by saying. "Another one again?" Since it was not long before that she had finished working with the Flatbush Mission (now Flatbush Seventh-day Adventist Church).

Sis. Patterson, however, knew it was the Holy Spirit who spoke to her. On that day she met Mr. Harold Taylor who she sold a copy of the Bible Readings for the Home. She made some inquiries about a basement that was vacant at Mr. Taylor's home. Mr. Taylor agreed to rent the basement for the purpose of starting a Branch Sabbath School. After consulting with his wife, both agreed.

On December 14th, 1975, Sis. Patterson conducted a Branch Sabbath School with 18 children and (7) adults. These meetings were being held on Sundays. However, Mrs. Thelma Taylor who was a former Roman Catholic, and her daughter, Michelle, made several requests to have the meetings changed to Sabbath because would like to attend. As a result, the first Sabbath meeting was conducted on the premises by Sis. B. Patterson on February 14th, 1976. This was well attended. Offering collected was $5.46.

The first members were: Bro. & Sis. Hylton Daniels, Bro. & Sis. Clifford Williams and family, Sis. Louise Smith, Bro. Harold Blackman, Bro. Vincent Morgan and family, Bro. & Sis. Wilson, Sis. Garvey, Mrs. Thelma Taylor and children, John, Michelle and Karen. Sis. Jules and daughter.

While the meetings were being held at Mrs. Thelma Taylor's home, she took the stand for the Lord and was baptized, thus becoming the first baptized member of Brooklyn Faith Church. As the number grew, Sis. Patterson thought it necessary to look for a larger place to worship. There was a vacant store at 848 Clarkson Avenue and East 51 St. Street, Brooklyn, New York. Sis. Patterson contacted the landlord who rented it to the group in 1976. (Thus began the name Faith Mission, the Store Front Church).

Sis. Patterson began to have financial difficulties in paying the rent because the attendance decreased. One Sabbath she conducted Sabbath School with only four persons-Sis. Louise Smith, Sis. L. Williams, and her two children Colin and Ester. in order to pay the rent and keep the place, Sis. Patterson at times had to withdraw her own money from the bank and whit the help of a few brethren, kept up the finances. We have come a long way by Faith, leaning on the Lord.

One Sabbath morning as Sis. l. Smith was walking to the Branch Sabbath School she saw Bro. Robert Dwyer and his family just leaving for the Brooklyn Temple Church. She invited the, to attend the Mission. The next Sabbath they did. Bro. Dwyer contacted Pastor J. Milton Thomas and the rest is history.

The brethren of Brooklyn Temple Church heard about the Mission and started visiting, One Sabbath we had a large group of visitors: Bro. & Sis. Davis, Bro & Sis. Dwyer, Bro & Sis. Archer & family. Bro. & Sis. Sidney John & family, Bro. & Sis. Powell, Bro. & Sis. A. Jules (who was Pastor of New Life SDA Church), along with his mother, Bro. Walter Kyte & family, Bro. Charles Williams, Sis. Verna Ogese-Williams & Son, Sis. Inez Sims and Sis. M. Fraser. Sabbath after Sabbath other visited and stayed.

God blessed our Mission with precious souls as the dedicated members sacrificed and worked and prayed. Among the first-fruits of three baptisms were: Brethren Paul Lowe, Shuffler, David Peliter, Sisters E. Belgrave, R. Guy, V.Degannes, Rosa Patterson, Vida Lowe, Mervina Garvey and Cislyn Best. Then came the unforgettable moment when the mission was organized into a Church on December 23rd, 1978, with a membership of 81. (See the chartered members lists)

In June 1980, Faith Church was accepted into the sisterhood of churches with the Great Commission, "Go preach my gospel to all the world"

The Church continued to grow under the leadership of Pastor J. Milton Thomas, assisted by Brethren Charles Williams, Wesley Davis, Harold Blackman and Sisters B. Patterson, Rosetta Brown and Louise Smith, who conducted Bible Studies and Cottage Meetings. Pastor Thomas was succeeded by Pastor S. Anderson who continued the good work. There was now a need for relocation of the church site since we had outgrown the original site. Consequently, the present site, 5518 Church Avenue, housing six stores, was bought and renovated into an edifice. Our first Sabbath services at our new location were held on Sabbath October 27th, 1979.

The brethren worked untiringly with Pastor R. Clifford Jones, himself a dedicated worker, and under God's guidance, completed the church building. It is with profound joy that we will witness our church's dedication this day June 21st, 1986.

Over the years Brooklyn Faith has grown to have two daughter Churches, Canarsie and recently New Dimension Seventh-day Adventist Mission which was organized in to a Church in 1997. These Churches are the results of revival crusades which are held on a yearly basis to spread the word of the soon returning of Jesus Christ.

Today, with a membership of over 400, Brooklyn Faith experiences another milestone in history. In appreciation to God, we re-dedicate ourselves and join hands with Pastor Eldeen King to finish the work, and thus usher in the reign of our Soon Coming King.

Special thanks to Sis. Lurline Brown for her valuable contribution to our History page.

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