Family Life

Theme: “Eden Restored” 

Theme Song: I Need You, You Need Me





  •  To strengthen families in acknowledging and holding high God's ideal for family living. 
  •  Enabling families to stretch toward the divine ideal while at the same time, extending the good news of God's saving grace and the promise of growth possible through His Spirit. 
  •  To provide tools for couples, parents and children, single adults and all members of the family as they pass through life's predictable stages and confront unexpected changes in their lives.




Brooklyn Faith Family Life Ministries and Support Groups


In order to better service our church, the Family Life Ministries has created the following Ministries & Support Groups:


Bereavement Support Group -

Pastor Eldeen King - Elder James Herry



Couples Ministry

James & Listra Herry

Anderson & Emma Serrant


Rites of Passage (Ages 12-15)

Elder James Herry


Young Women

Emma Serrant

Sis. Mathurine Joseph


Senior's Ministry

Sis. Vicky McLeod


Book Club/Parenting Time Out

Elder Grace Sealey


Birthday Recognition

Sis. Stevie-Ann Simon


Service Times

Mid-Week Service:
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
"Alone With God"
Sabbath School: 9:15am
Divine Worship: 11:00am
Bible Class: 4:30pm
AYS Program : 5:30pm

Our Address:

5518 Church Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11203
Tel: 718-342-6712
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