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Adventist Sabbath School, the general equivalent of Sunday Schools of other denominations, began in 1852 when James White wrote the first Sabbath School lessons.

Early Sabbath Schools had only two divisions, one for children and one for adults, called the Bible Class. In 1863, the first series of Sabbath School lessons adapted for children appeared. That same year the first adult Sabbath School lessons, written by Uriah Smith, an early Adventist pioneer, appeared in the Review and Herald.

There was little organization until G. H. Bell, a pioneer teacher in Battle Creek, became editor of the Youth’s Instructor in 1869. He introduced two series of lessons, one for children and the other for youth. He also published a plan of organization providing for a staff of officers and regular reports of attendance.

Organization of Sabbath Schools began in California in 1877 with the formation of the first state Sabbath School Association. In March 1878 the General Sabbath School Association was organized. In 1878, in Battle Creek, Michigan, the first division for smaller children was formed called “the Bird’s nest.” In 1886 this became the kindergarten division. In 1879, the first Branch Sabbath Schools were organized.

A major reorganization of the Sabbath School Department took place at the 1985 General Conference session when it became a part of the newly created Church Ministries Department. At the 1995 General Conference session, the Church Ministries Department was dissolved and the Sabbath School department was reestablished in combination with Personal Ministries. Today it is known as the Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Department of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.



The Brooklyn Faith Sabbath School Department encourages everyone to engage in the study of the word, fellowship, community outreach and mission. Our Sabbath School at Brooklyn Faith is driven by the need to share with others the love of God, as we feel it is of utmost importance to relate to others His goodness.

We seek to first develop a stronger connection with God through the study of His word and the lessons provided for our personal and spiritual growth. As we come to an understanding of His word, we are then better equipped to demonstrate Christianity to all we meet.



Our Children’s division is very active in setting the pace for the spiritual and social growth of children under the age of 14 years old by creating class settings where they meet with adult teachers to discuss bible subjects that are essential to the training of their young minds and hearts.

There are also various classes for our youth, from early teens to college aged. There they meet in groups to discuss the lesson in very relevant ways that enhances their lives.

We have several Adult Sabbath School classes throughout the Church, including a New Believers class.

We also extend a branch Sabbath school to our members who are sick and shut in, by having different Sabbath school classes visit them on a rotational basis throughout the year. Taking Sabbath School outside of our walls.

We maintain a connection with the community outside of our church and therefore, host a bi-annual Community Guest Day where we invite them to spend the entire Sabbath with us in praise and worship.  



You will not be disappointed if you visit one of our adult classes where on a weekly basis we engage in robust and spirit-filled discussions on the Sabbath school lessons. 

Feel free to stop by our Sabbath school anytime from 9:15 am on Sabbath morning. Have an usher direct you to the class for your specified age. We’d love to have you there, and bring a friend!!!





  • Trevor Austin
  • Webster Ralph (in Training)


Head Superintendent:

  • Rory Rodney


Assistant Superintendents:

  • Alexander George
  • Altamont Brown
  • Victoria McLeod
  • Paul Ewen
  • Donna Semper
  • Norma Robinson
  • Charmaine Janvier


Superintendents in Training (Youth):

  • Trynette Benoit
  • Jabari Gordon
  • Akalah Bobb
  • Janelle Godfrey
  • Dineisha Raguette


Head Secretary:

  • Grace Prendergast


Assistant Secretaries:

  • May McPhee
  • Kim Murray
  • Carol Roberts
  • Kimberly Robinson
  • Hannah Murray
  • Erica Stewart


Secretaries in Training (Youth):

  • Makalah Remy
  • Kayanna Lampkin
  • Javena Rowe
  • Keziah Edwards    


Lower Division Leader:

  • Sandra Wint


Assistant Lower Division Leader:

  • Camille Bucknor-Rodney


Investment Leader:

  • Cheryl Austin


Vacation Bible School (VBS) Leader:

  • Elder Lurline Brown                                       

Service Times

Mid-Week Service:
Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
"Alone With God"
Sabbath School: 9:15am
Divine Worship: 11:00am
Bible Class: 4:30pm
AYS Program : 5:30pm

Our Address:

5518 Church Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11203
Tel: 718-342-6712
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